The Zeldas - Cool Waves (Sam Giles CDr Edition with Bonus Track & Insert). Cardinal Fuzz 1 Left

The Zeldas - Cool Waves (Sam Giles CDr Edition with Bonus Track & Insert). Cardinal Fuzz 1 Left

Sam Giles CDr Edition of 90.
Includes 3 bonus tracks and comes with 2 sided full colour insert.
Artwork -

Thunder Bay band, The Zeldas, have released their debut album, Cool Waves on UK label Cardinal Fuzz.
Cool Waves is the intersection of The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds and My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless. The music began with multi-instrumentalist Mike Luce recording in his home studio, then recruiting the lead singers from four of his favourite local bands to join him to perform the fourpart harmonies. Luce’s long-time collaborator Mike Lyngstand also jumped on board and The Zeldas were born.

The album speaks to the idea of waves as a symbol for human emotion in art, both thematically and sonically. It’s the sensation of swimming in the ocean, waves pushing past you, not only as a connection to nature, but also as a metaphor for the crests of swelling human emotion. It’s the psychedelia of taking MDMA or micro-dosing mushrooms to synthesize these relationships with nature and personal feelings. The sound of The Zeldas’ Cool Waves is a cosmic exploration of these ideas, the guitar emulating the look, sound, and feeling of ocean waves, both literal and metaphorical. Cool Waves flows over you, across you, through you.

"Unapologetically influenced by shoegaze bands like My Bloody Valentine and the more psychedelic melodies of The Beach Boys, the songs are drenched in fuzz, with chords that bend like they’re on a warped tape moving through an old Walkman, twisting like hung laundry in the hot summer haze.” - Craig Silliphant, The Feedback Society, Juror; Polaris Music Prize, Juno Awards

“Ocean of Emotion\You Are My Sunshine, will surely whisk you away to a safe and happy place where you can ride out the tail end of this surreal summer on a beach, sitting under a tree, or paddling out on a surfboard in the frigid waters of Lake Superior.”
- Jamie Varga, The Walleye


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