::nepaal - Black Batik i - ACID TEST - REPRESS ULTRA LTD LEMON - 1 Left

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::nepaal - Black Batik i - ACID TEST - REPRESS ULTRA LTD LEMON - 1 Left

27th Jan
10th March

100 repressing - Solid Lemon Vinyl - We have 30 copies for the UK


Please introduce yourself to your favourite new psychedelic mind destroyers of far fucking out JAMS. From the Psychedelic Source collective family in Hungry we bring you ::nepaal.

A Collective whose recordings whre in part due to the  sad passing of Tibor Strauzs (a passionate Hungarian musicancain)– who over a lifetime as a recording musician had collected some of the best recording equipment available. Tibor’s son David was tasked with safekeeping all this equipment he felt the best way to test all this equipment was with a monumental jam session at Psychedelic Source Studios. ::nepaal was formed from that session and the title sums up the essence of this project – Eastern Psychedelic Wisdom, Far-Out Improvisation, the legacy of a good man and the crystallisation of decades of musical friendship.

So over 2 LP’s get ready for head spinning jams where you can start to feel the universe expand and contract with the vibrations that emit from the grooves cut into these slabs of vinyl. It is a truly a special feeling to be immersed in the wonderfully explosive, difficult to predict and utterly mind-melting psychedelic mantra of sounds and harmony created by ::nepaal wonderfully – a place guaranteed to illuminate many tunnels of spiralling trip-time.

Space Is The Place

::neepal – Black Batik Volume I and II are released by Acid Test (UK) Tonzonen Records (EU) and Little Cloud Records (USA) – each in an edition of 350.


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