The Asteroid No. 4 - Self-Titled (Cardinal Fuzz / Little Cloud Records) GATEFOLD LTD PRINT 3 LEFT


Friday 26th April
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Oxblood Vinyl & Gatefold Sleeve
LTD Front Sleeve Print (First 50 hand numbered & stamped) - 10 LEFT
Release Date (UK) - Friday June 14th

Dark, heavy motorik rock, roll drone, bringing to mind Spacemen 3 and Hawkwind colliding with Ravi Shanker..

It was by 2012 that the entire band finally said farewell to Philadelphia and relocated to where they had longed to be since first touring the west coast in 2001. That place, of course, was northern California. - Ryan, returning back to his home state in 2011, was the first in a chain reaction of which all four other members were soon to follow. Once relocated, the band finalized the writing, recording and mixing of their self-titled eighth record aptly named “The Asteroid No.4”. Again employing sitars, eastern tinged sparsity, space-rock fueled anthems and pastoral folk instrumentals, the Asteroid No.4 had found the chemistry first heard on their debut, but with a maturer songwriting process that could have only been learned over a journey of this many years.

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