Image of Shooting Guns - Born To Deal In Magic (Oxblood/Black Swirl Vinyl) 1 LEFT
  • Image of Shooting Guns - Born To Deal In Magic (Oxblood/Black Swirl Vinyl) 1 LEFT

Shooting Guns - Born To Deal In Magic (Oxblood/Black Swirl Vinyl) 1 LEFT

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Shooting Guns - Born To Deal In Magic (Blood Red and Black Swirl Vinyl) 350gsm Card Sleeve.


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HEAVY HEAVY HEAVIERRRRRRRRRRR. Thats the Shooting Guns Debut. They get a riff and then piledrive the fucker right through your noggin.

Hailing from Saskatoon in the heart of the Canadian prairies, Shooting Guns work to fortify the heavy end of the psychedelic spectrum. Haunting the foggy moor between pulse-riding kraut-rock and Sabbath-styled doom riffage, these primal cuts go straight for the kill.

These dudes have impressed critics with their unholy instrumental slaying. Their debut LP, Born To Deal in Magic: 1952-1976, was nominated for the Polaris Music Prize in 2012. Their sophomore LP, Brotherhood of the Ram, was nominated for the 2015 JUNO Metal/Hard Album of the Year and the Polaris Music Prize. The band was recently named to CBC Radio Canada’s list of Top 100 Canadian Bands of All Time.

Even the folks at Vice said something nice about the SG’s: “Their live shows are a swirling haze of dope smoke, unholy light, and punishingly high volume “Neanderthal Rock” that leaves ears ringing and minds melted. And their recorded output is perfect for taking a private trip to alien worlds, where savage beasts stalk the shadows of the full moon, and rivers of bubbling green ooze spill over their banks, rendering the flooded lands charred and wasted.”

Regardless if you’re into uppers or downers, dope or speed these instrumental doom tracks will tickle your mind with a lead feather. Shooting Guns are bound to please fans of Mötorhead, SLEEP, Thou, Earthless and Electric Wizard. The heavyweight vinyl for BTDIM will be on occult oxblood with black swirl, housed in a gorgeous 350g sleeve.