Runway - S/T (Black Vinyl with insert) Cardinal Fuzz - 6 Left

Runway - S/T (Black Vinyl with insert) Cardinal Fuzz - 6 Left

Friday 8th September
Release Date (UK)
20th October

Cardinal Fuzz (EU/UK)
Echodelic (N.AMERICA)
We Here & Now (CAN)
The Bures Band (AUS)

Once they were The Shooting Guns – but with Jim Ginther absconding to California, Saskatoon’s favourite sons of dope smoke, unholy light, punishingly high volume, and PRIMAL BOOGIE got themselves a new drummer and a new name.

So welcome to ‘Runway’ – but don’t panic people, these dudes have not become a slick collective in the interim period – jamming on riffs, locking into grooves, finding that transcendental part and understanding that when you get there – you stay there, taking Lou Reed’s famous maxim – “One chord is fine. Two chords is pushing it. Three chords and you’re into jazz.” – to its logical extreme is still the ethos.

Opener “Slower Egypt” sets the tone, haunting the foggy moor between pulse-riding kraut-rock and Sabbath-styled doom riffage, these primal cuts mutate into droning set pieces and a rollercoaster of amplified sound.

Regardless if you’re into uppers or downers, dope or speed within these deep heady grooves you may find glimpses of the heavy-lidded choogle of the Groundhogs, the burnt-blues bonhomie of Canned Heat, and Tres Amigos ZZ Top that pisses from a great height onto 90% of the lava lamp-gazing indie rock bores currently masquerading as practitioners of “stoner psych” - Respect your elders, chumps.


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