Joseph of Kirezi - The Only Way Out Is Through (Bleeding Jam Vol. 1) CARDINAL FUZZ - 1 LEFT


Joseph of Kirezi were formed in Ikebukuro (Tokyo) in 2012 wherever since they have been roaming the outermost corners of the black clad psychedelic underground. So please get ready to treat your ears to ‘The Only Way Out Is Through’ – a pounding tour de force of amp destroying killer Fuzz Wah Sike Rock. If there was ever music to be played in that killer sixties exploitation movie – in that biker club scene where every one has been spiked with the brown acid and the bad trip is coming on strong – then this is the music that would be playing – a pounding and ferocious white noise psychedelic nightmare. We are not dealing with any subtle intricacies here, just the joy in the classic combination of excess volume and repetition – crushing levels of heaviness all enveloped in a white noise fury. Taking cues from kindred spirits such as High Rise, The Stooges, Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, Amon Düül II, Spacemen 3, The Heads – music for freaks in the know – Prepare to vibrate as you TURN ON , TUNE IN , FREAK OUT !


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