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After Blown Out and Comacozer released a joint LP last year, guitarist Mike Vest (Blown Out, BONG, Melting Hand) and drummer Andrew Panagopoulos (Comacozer) decided the only proper idea was to take the collaboration further and create their own band. Despite living on opposite sides of the globe a new spark was lit under the name Oblivion Reptilian. Seemingly taking the conspiracy nonsense of a Reptilian Agenda as the base for the new band, the duo kicks off with “Draconian,” an 8+ minute space shredder that sews the seams shut between Acid Mother’s Temple, High Rise, Earthless, and Helios Creed. The band’s set to lay out five huge instrumental wormholes over the rest of the album, and if they’re half as heavy as this first offering, the record threatens to sink into the Earth like a doomed and damned artifact of civilizations that spit in the eyes of gods. (Raven Sings The Blues)

Oblivion Reptilian is a collaboration between Andrew Panagopoulos (Drums-Percussion) from Australian heavy space rock band COMACOZER and Mike Vest (Bass/Guitar) from legendary bands such as BONG, Blown Out, 11Paranoias, Melting Hand, Lush Worker. With Comacozer and Blown Out releasing a split LP in 2018 which sold out in a week, Mike and Andrew had an idea of let's do a project together. Obviously the initial question was, "How the hell to do this from opposite sides of the globe?" but thanks to modern technology and creativity it happened. Was an interesting exercise indeed to record this slab but with huge amounts of improvisation and similarity in influences "Fried on Rock" came together quite fluidly. Mike worked his magic with guitar and bass plus mixing the tracks and the results are fantastic! Obviously both Andrew and Mike have their own tones and style and drawing influences from their other projects but in saying that OBLIVION REPTILIAN comes into its own. With their "Fried on Rock" debut, better be prepared for 5 tracks of instrumental space rock, fuzz and feedbacker glory, along with some haunting breakdowns and mid tempo melancholia. "Fried on Rock" has the amazing album artwork and design by Anthony Downie, who just nailed the theme and feel of Oblivion Reptilian. With a wide range of influences, such as Jojo Hiroshige, Helios Creed , High Rise, Hendrix, Holy Angels, Okhami No Jikan, be prepared for some tripped out noisy psych tunes. But actually sounds like....I don't know? You decide!!!!