Mount Maxwell - Only Children (Sam Giles CDr Edition) Cardinal Fuzz

Mount Maxwell - Only Children (Sam Giles CDr Edition) Cardinal Fuzz

Sam Giles Hand Made Vinyl Replica CDr Edition - 35 Copies World Wide

Mount Maxwell continues his run of 1970s themed releases with a full
length meditation on the perceptual experiences of children born in the
wake of the 1960's cultural revolution. Highly ambivalent in tone, ‘Only
Children’ marks a departure from earlier MM releases both in its use of
acoustic instruments and in a newfound sense of criticality towards its
subject matter; the back-to-the-land optimism of tracks like 'Nature ID'
in uneasy proximity to the skeptical disquiet of 'Weird Places' and
'Nomad'. A beautiful, emotionally complex examination of the ‘Me’
generation’s dubious decision to treat children like adults, and a haunting
continuation of the Mount Maxwell experience. - Hotham Sound

Mount Maxwell was raised on a commune on Saltspring Island and grew
up to illustrate comic books before releasing two cassette tapes that were
sonic dedications to the original BC Ferries fleet. And with his new album
‘Only Children’, he’s created something so soul-crushingly good that if I
were given the choice to only have to hear one more thing, I think I would
choose this. - C Diab, Resonance Extra

A founding member of Vancouver Island’s MMR Collective, and head of the Canadian experimental electronic label Hotham Sound, artist and musician Jamie Tolagson (Mount Maxwell) currently lives and works in Vancouver, BC. His music is a unique blend of analog synths and acoustic instrumentation, calling to mind such artists as Boards of Canada, Bruce Langhorne, and Tangerine Dream. A preoccupation with childhood perception, utopian thinking, and the landscape of the Pacific Northwest runs throughout his work, which has been featured in Discorder Magazine, Tabs Out, Cassette Gods, Retromania, Free Form Freakout, Last FM, and NTS Radio. ‘Only Children’ is his fourth album.


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