Dark Bird - Lay Low / In A Mily Way - 2xCDr Gatefold Edition Sam Giles. Cardinal Fuzz 1 LEFT

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Dark Bird - Lay Low / In A Mily Way - 2xCDr Gatefold Edition Sam Giles. Cardinal Fuzz 1 LEFT

Sam Giles Gatefold 2x CDr Edition of 70.
Cassette via NoiseAgonyMayhem (Canada)

For the many of you who have fallen deeply (and we know many of you have) into the psychedelic spell that is Dark Bird after the release of ‘Out Of Line’ via Cardinal Fuzz and NoiseAgonyMayhem. We wanted to keep you floating in the musical sphere created by Dark Bird by delving into their recent Back Catalogue and releasing 'Lay Low' and 'In A Milky Way'. Both releases originally coming out in 2018 and long sold out in their original CDr (In A Milky Way) and tape (Lay Low) release - but never available in Europe.
Dark Bird is the home recording project of Roan Bateman (although pre pandemic he was in the midst of getting a full Dark Bird band together) where based in Toronto he has amassed a discography of home recordings that take in spacy, atmospheric instrumental tunes and vocal material spanning introspective folk, elegant rock, leftfield pop and hazy psychedelia all cloaked in a lysergic atmosphere that asks of you to slow down and sink into the tunes within.

‘Lay Low’ is a song based Album while ‘In A Milky Way’ is all instrumental but both weave the same hazy psychedelic auditory experience and work together as a collection where the psilocybe semilanceata growing out of your ear on the cover of 'Lay Low' explains in a picture exactly what you are in for when you listen to the music Dark Bird create - we think so.

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