Image of Alison Cotton - All Is Quiet At The Ancient Theatre (Cardinal Fuzz) SOLD OUT

Alison Cotton - All Is Quiet At The Ancient Theatre (Cardinal Fuzz) SOLD OUT

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Available to Pre-Order 22nd October
Release Date 16th November
Europe - Cardinal Fuzz
USA - Feeding Tube Records

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Cardinal Fuzz are proud to introduce the debut solo LP from Alison Cotton titled “All Is Quiet At The Ancient Theatre”.
Alison Cotton may be best known as one half of The Left Outsides as well as being a name to be found on many of the finest folk/drone/experimental contemporary recording artists releases via her sonorous Viola playing. So, both Cardinal Fuzz and Feeding Tube Records (U.S.A.) can bring to you via the medium of Vinyl, Alison Cotton’s debut release - “All Is Quiet At The Ancient Theatre” (after 3 sold out runs via Bloxham Tapes). Over 35 minutes Alison Cotton casts you into the most cathartic of states via viola, recorders and lilting Gregorian vocal sighs. While it would be easy to classify this as folk music, Alison has created something that feels like music for the soul as she takes to the stage at the Ancient Theatre. Rich sounds break the stillness. Drone dreams seep through sepia photographs. We are delighted to present another side of her work. Out of time. Timeless. All is quiet in the ancient theatre of eternal music.
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"An eerie, lost folk horror soundtrack glinting in the sunshine, Cotton’s pure English voice rising mysteriously around the violas and recorders." JUDE ROGERS, THE GUARDIAN

"Although this is music feels irrevocably for the countryside, I'd really recommend listening to 'All Is Quiet At The Ancient Theatre' on your Walkman while standing in the middle of a busy city centre. The power of this music is simply awe-inspiring. When Alison Cotton plays, the world stands still… Magnificent work, and it must be said, beautifully presented by the fantastic Bloxham Tapes (their entire back catalogue comes highly recommended)…" TRISTAN BATH, SPOOLS OUT: JULY 2018, THE QUIETUS

"Alison Cotton of avant folk duo The Left Outsides creates a psychedelic pagan folk ritual with her viola, recorder, percussion and ghostly voice on 'All Is Quiet At The Ancient Theatre'. Slowing things down to a droning pace, Cotton seems to summon up mystical powers through her eerie Clannad-ish chants on 'The Bells of St Agnes'. And like Laura Cannell, she finds similar tones of drone within her string music by allowing space for the dragged out notes to echo and buzz on 'The Last Sense To Leave Us'. Her choral vocal pipes in with a numbing effect, floating upfront and back into the shadows again on the five tracks, which were all improvised… Better than any mindfulness app for cleansing the brainwaves and stilling the souls of the godless for hald an hour or so…" CLAIRE SAWERS, THE WIRE

"The opening, title track is built around a repeated, six-note viola phrase that seems to echo around an amphitheatre of stone. Heat haze rises from empty seats, but the music is playing from a time when the theatre was packed. A drone builds and the falling phrase emerges haltingly, as though calling out for the first time in centuries. As the viola sings, a chorus of soft, layered voices, percussion and recorder swells in the background and soon a cast is on stage, performing a forgotten ritual. If any piece of music can awaken a lost time, this is surely it." TOM BOLTON, THE QUIETUS

“There are albums that I like… there are albums that I love (and we use that word a lot in music)… but I have totally fallen IN love with this album. “ SIMON SMITH, PSYCH INSIGHT

"Make no mistake this is a work of great depth and passion and one which reveals more of its irresistibly melancholic charm with each successive listen. From those chilly fields at dawn to the blasted heaths of existence and all points above and below ground this engulfs you like a creeping vine. Thankfully I’m still hopelessly lost in the dense and tangled thicket of sound and likely to be for quite a while. Rustle among yourselves." TERRASCOPE

"The only thing that does a better job of crafting a vivid environment than the title of Alison Cotton’s new album is the music itself. 'All Is Quiet at the Ancient Theatre' is a mysterious, spacious album; one of the first things I noticed is the cavernous, reverb-filled production, which frames the sounds throughout in much the same way as I imagine a high-ceilinged, shadowy, dusty chapel would. Cotton’s drones, played on viola, recorder, and her own voice, ring out through the darkness, coexisting with the weighty silence as they materialize and dissipate… 'All Is Quiet at the Ancient Theatre' is a fantastic solo effort…" NOISE NOT MUSIC

"Something so beautiful and powerful that it took my breath away… With this solo outing via the veritable Bloxham Tapes, Alison Cotton has produced something that transcends any notions of genres and pigeonholing." RATS IN THE WALLS