Arcane Allies - Sunra Oscillations (Acid Test) Ltd 2 colour psychedelic swirl vinyl - 4 LEFT


Specs - 300 Pressing - 2 colour swirl vinyl
90 Copies For The UK.

Acid Test and Pink Tank are ecstatic to bring to you the new LP from Arcane Allies – Sunra Oscillations

Based in Germany, their mindset is reflected in their name – Arcane Allies - a mysterious secret to those in the psych hive mind. Arcane Allies are the sound of hypnotic synths and rhythmic propulsion - ethereal infused danceable ecstasy beats that tap into the molecule flow of your body.

Within that flow that is ‘Sunra Oscillations’ you will find Arcane Allies plugging into the infinite cosmos of your mind as ‘Accumulation’ brings forth waves of joy and beauty in the beats that cascade and flow into ‘Circulation’ as you can feel your soul been caressed. It is a journey of Kosmiche transcendence where every lingering note can make you feel that just maybe you dropped a tab and opened up a portal to the infinite void, as you leave the world for somewhere more beautiful.

Find within the interconnectedness that links Neu, Cluster and Tangerine Dream with Derrick May and of course Sun Ra.

‘Sunra Oscillations’ is a pressed on vinyl as a 2 colour psychedelic swirl vinyl.


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