ZONE SIX - beautiful e.p. 10" (green vinyl) Sulatron - 1 LEFT

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ZONE SIX - beautiful e.p. 10" (green vinyl) Sulatron - 1 LEFT

10" vinyl, limited to 300 copies! ONLY ONE issue, never again! A special release for our 25th band anniversary!

Zone Six got founded in august 1997, when Dave (also known as Sula Bassana) got a concert request for Liquid Visions; but for this band it was not able to play the show. So Dave had the idea to form a new band just for this: Zone Six. The idea behind was to play long tranceful spacerock improvisations.

Dave formed the band out of Hans-Peter (guitarplayer of Liquid Visions) on guitar, Claus (who was playing the drums in Liquid Visions shortly before) on drums and himself on bass and synthesizer.
Two weeks before this first gig the debut album was recorded. And around 4 months later a second but never released album. Two of the tracks from these recordings became the 10“ vinyl, which will be out now after 25 years and also in the band's 25th anniversary.
At that time the keyboarder Rusty was already on board as well as the australian singer Jodi Barry, who left some months later.
You can hear a slight Trip Hop influence in this experimental improvisations, which marks it as a special release for Zone Six.

These songs were so far only available on the CD „10 years or aural psychedelic journeys“ from 2007.

Mastered by Eroc.

The frontcover was made by the indonesian painter Ibayarifin, which reflects the mood of the music perfectly.

Line up in December 1997:

Hans-Peter Ringholz: Gitarre, fx (ex Liquid Visions)
Claus Bühler: Drums, production (ex Liquid Visions und viele andere...)
Dave Schmidt: Bass, fx, recording (Sula Bassana. Ex Electric Moon, Krautzone, ex Liquid Visions, ex Weltraumstaunen...)
Rusty: Keyboards, toys
Jodi Barry: Vocals

Something's Missing (10:30)
Beautiful (12:34)