Zone Six - Any Noise Is Intended (2xLP) Acid Test Recordings SOLD OUT

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Zone Six - Any Noise Is Intended (2xLP) Acid Test Recordings SOLD OUT

The Acid Test Recordings are proud to present Zone Six – Any Noise Is Intended. Originally released via Sunhair on CD back in 2003. The Acid Test Recordings bring to you an expanded 2xLP edition of this monster psychedelic space rock behemoth.

Zone Six was formed featuring members of the much-revered Liquid Visions. Over the last 20 years, they have been producing some of the most searing and out-there psychedelic acid freak outs ever committed to tape.

The opening tracks ‘Score Trek’ & ‘Any Noise Is Intended’ take every aspect you love about psychedelic space rock and adds on rocket boosters to take you further out into the cosmos. From the off, spaced keyboards/sequencer fire up an incredible ferocious funky groove whilst the title track is a head trip of the highest order (lovers of Pink Floyd in 1970 and Group 1850 should take note).

Zone Six – Any Noise Is Intended – this new edition released by The Acid Test Recordings, mastered for vinyl and with 2 tracks (20 minutes) of bonus material. Available on Coloured and Black Vinyl editions, all housed within a freshly designed sleeve.

Zone Six - Any Noise Is Intended is one long hashish ride. So, turn on the lava lamp… roll out the Persian Rug and head off into parts unknown



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