Zement - Schleifen (Sun Hair Music)

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Zement - Schleifen (Sun Hair Music)


"Usually I don't start a review like this: my face, it's a great record ...

But now to the new album, which was recorded live in Kiel: three new songs and three from the duo's past from Würzburg, which has existed since 2014 and whose record “Werk” in black resides in my record shelf between Zaum and Zen Trip.

Many a song on loops causes Flaming Hearts, but Hallogallo. With swing and pressure. And Jerk Zuck. And vibrations. Stratosfear. Very cosmic. These fine substances are the germ cells of the music of the two gentlemen. From these cells they developed and develop their sound, in their very own handwriting. "

No cement is touched here (it had to be), but at the beginning “gas” is promoted: psychedelic motor skills. Sizzling rhythm. Herbal groove. This marching percussion. Good thing. Sorry, that had to be there too, for insiders. These wonderfully wonderfully shimmering guitar figures ... .. as of course with the second song "C3A": repetitive riff, tastefully matching percussion and synthesizer lining, new guitar figures and the hips sway ... ..

"Technology": This is such a song To go at night to an area with little or no light pollution, to roll out the colorful woolen blanket and your back and indulge in the crystal-clear starry sky, exciting and floating, even smokeless, that's all that is possible.

"CS3": very, very rhythmic, driving. You can just hug the whole world ... and slowly turn everything down again towards the outro.

"Sand": The space shuttle beams its way through space, meandering ...

"Cavity": Wonderful. Simply wonderful stuff: take off, fly, float. Wonderful rhythm, and: it just shimmers so beautifully …….

Volker is

blown away again in his old days, in love, deeply ... " (Volker Fröhmer / Rockblog-Bluesspot)

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