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White Shape - Chromesthesia SOLD OUT

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A good psychedelic album should create atmosphere. It should live in a world of it’s own and slowly reveal that world to the listener. White Shape’s Chromesthesia is an album you can really explore and easily get yourself lost in.
The Rockford, IL based 4-piece unveiled the album last fall and it’s remained on our turntable for weeks after the LP’s finally arrived.

The epic opening track spans just over 11 minutes and invites you in with gentle chimes and quiet bass and guitar loops. When singer/keyboardist Kayla Hall’s hypnotic vocals enter the groove begins to build leading to a heavy psychedelic climax.

“Microagressions” picks up the pace a bit with a steady driving beat and the same reverb drenched vocals as the opener as well as a “less is more” approach to the guitar from guitarist/vocalist Joshua Weidmann.

At the midpoint of this 5 track album sits “We Are The Humans”—a Radiohead-esque, OK Computer era sounding number that blends in a healthy dose of psychedelia and doom into the mix.

The booming bass drum of “Practoxe Copy” keeps this song chugging along as the phase shifting guitars slowly morph into crystal clear ethereal riffs. The rhythm section of Noah Rotello (drums) and Jon Phelan (bass) really shine in this spacey groove.

Closing out the album is another long jam entitled “Red Giant”. The incredibly lush vocal melodies float effortlessly atop a slow building soundscape of heavy fuzz guitar and organ-like keys. When paired with the opening track “The Struggle For Air” these two colossal songs frame the album nicely and make Chromesthesia feel like one cohesive piece of music with a variety of influences.

White Shape has created a world in an album with plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing throughout these 5 gorgeous tracks.