Trimdon Grange Explosion - S/T (BLACK VInyl) CARDINAL FUZZ (18th Day Of May related) 1 LEFT

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Trimdon Grange Explosion - S/T  (BLACK VInyl) CARDINAL FUZZ  (18th Day Of May related) 1 LEFT

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Cardinal Fuzz are proud to introduce Trimdon Grange Explosion and their debut Self Titled Long Player. Trimdon Grange Explosion are an psych folk ensemble from North-East London Comprising Alison Cotton (viola/vocals), Ben Phillipson (guitar/vocals), Mark Nicholas (bass) and Karl Sabino (drums), the quartet formed in the aftermath of the split of acclaimed folk-rock outfit THE EIGHTEENTH DAY OF MAY of whom all four were members.

In 2010 a 7” emerged on The Great Pop Supplement – a cover of Judy Henske & Jerry Yester's 'Raider' b/w 'The Trimdon Grange Explosion' - and then after a further seven year gap, their debut album release saw the light of day, initially as a limited-edition CD-R box package on the Borley Rectory label in Spring of 2017. We are delighted to finally release this acid psych shindig on vinyl, with hallucinatory artwork by Peckham-based illustrator LUKE DROZD.

The self-produced recordings of TRIMDON GRANGE EXPLOSION's eponymous set took place during 2015-2016 in various North London locations. The 9 eclectic tracks ( plus one bonus track on the download too) range from original compositions to acid-tinged group instrumentals to songs from the folk tradition, arranged for electric instruments. TRIMDON GRANGE EXPLOSION is a grand continuation of its previous incarnation's psychedelic fusion of the modal rock of The Velvet Underground – among others – with their own English traditional music roots. Evidently, there was unfinished business.

A 500 Pressing with download code that features a bonus track.

"Trimdon Grange Explosion marry a love of traditional music with the spirit of psychedelic improv, It's like Fairport Convention sparring with The Velvet Underground” – Joe Banks, SHINDIG! 
“Has Acid Folk ever sounded so mesmerizing and as incendiary as this...Open tuned guitars chime out hypnotic raga model notes against Viola and rolling drums to create a droning wall of Spector like sound .” Optical Sounds
"It’s that link between 60s acid-folk and the more traditional songs that that makes the Trimdon Grange Explosion such a fascinating force" Soundsxp
“The teaser tracks… are currently causing swooning fits around these here parts, not least because one of them is a frankly stunning 10-minute version of a traditional ballad entitled 'The Bonnie Banks Of Fordie’” The Sunday Experiance
“The album revolves around the epic 'Bonnie Banks Of Fordie'. A superb, Velvet Underground-inspired power-up to a traditional ballad in the same league as Fairport Convention’s 'Tam Lin', it maxes out the speakers without losing the subtlety, courtesy of Cotton’s impressive viola section and Phillipson’s trippy guitar… We can only hope that it doesn’t take them another decade to make their next move." – Thomas Blake , Folk Radio