The Janitors - Horn Ur Marken (CD Digi or Ltd Sam Giles Vinyl Replica Sleeve)

The Janitors - Horn Ur Marken (CD Digi or Ltd Sam Giles Vinyl Replica Sleeve)

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Cardinal Fuzz are excited to announce “Horn ur Marken”, the new and long awaited LP from our beloved Swedish Seers The Janitors. It has been over 2 years since we last heard from The Janitors as their last release (“Evil Doings of an Evil Kind” on Bad Afro) told tales of the emerging evil in politics and the rise of Far Right in many European countries – it was a darkness and claustrophobia that The Janitors captured on that release. In the time that has since passed and with evil of the right wing spreading like a cancer, The Janitors have distilled their fury into the concentrated form of the 7 tracks of barbed wire fuzz presented on “Horn ur Marken”. Tracks pound to an incessant beat of slow burn scuzz as The Janitors unleash their relentless guitars for a full-on aural assault that will scrape the back of your skull. The Janitors call this sound “Stökpsych” and it is the darkest, murkiest and most evilest psychedelia they have committed to vinyl/CD yet.

The Janitors themselves have this to say;
"Hey, your favorite Swedish peddlers of heavy drones and fuzzed nightmares are finally back again! Did you miss us? Since our start in 2004 we have done our best to fight nihilism with fuzz. We think that now we finally got to the point where our music and our Idea of what the world should be, could merge.
This record is a statement of sorts. It's a call of arms from our side. It's a tiny piece of protest. Be it against faith in religious misdoings from false self-acclaimed prophets or high almighty untouchable clergy, capitalist selfishness, racist idiocrasy or blunt fascism hidden in ignorance.
In this world focused on ego stimulation we feel the need to use our small platform to at least induce someone with the courage and inspiration to stand up and take the fight, and hopefully inspire the unveiled masses of non-doers to think for one second, in one moment, that someone needs something more than yourself.
Discard all thoughts of borders, gender, race or origin, we are all the same. Leave this place to our children with the knowledge that you did all you could to help everyone. Don't let greed pollute your mind. Rid your fears. Solidarity will stand.
We made a concept album of sorts about these topics and we hope you listen to it because we are damn proud of it.
Love The janitors"

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