Image of The Janitors - 15 Years of Fuzz and Folköl (Sam Giles 2xCDr Edition). Slight Damage 4 LEFT

The Janitors - 15 Years of Fuzz and Folköl (Sam Giles 2xCDr Edition). Slight Damage 4 LEFT


Pre Sale Date - 4th March 2019
Release Date - 26th April 2019

Sam Giles 2xCDr Edition - 23 tracks - 150 mins of music

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Cardinal Fuzz are proud to present - The Janitors and ‘15 Years of Fuzz and Folköl’ - a celebration of Sweden's finest purveyors of Throbbing Fuzz and Feedback.
15 years ago a night of heavy drinking resulted in the formation of The Janitors - a creative project that has been the center of founder member Jonas and Henrik’s lives ever since. Over that time 5 drummers, 8 percussionists and 3 bass players have passed through The Janitors grinder. They have released 3 full length albums, 5 and a bunch of singles, as well as sharing stages with many great bands and have got to travel the world.
Gathered on  ‘15 Years of Fuzz and Folköl’ are a collection of songs and sounds that reflect the different phases of The Janitors development, ranging from full on Fuzz and Feedback to Gospel Choirs and back to the dark menacing head swirling throb that  The Janitors have made their own sound. The Janitors cherry picked 23 songs  (all included on the digital download and 2xCDr edition) that have never been released on any of their many LPs/EPs or singles. The Janitors then did battle with Dave (Cardinal Fuzz) and Mike (Little Cloud Records) in nailing down these 9 tracks that ended up on the vinyl edition of ‘15 Years of Fuzz and Folköl’. Afterwards we all dusted ourselves down and wondered how these tracks had ever fallen through the cracks - It may just become your favourite Janitors release so far. 
15 years of Fuzz and Folköl is pressed on solid yellow vinyl and comes with a digital download link with an extra 80 minutes of music (14 extra tracks).
*Footnote Folköl is a very Swedish thing. You can’t buy proper beer in the stores, only low alcohol versions and these are called folköl or “people’s beer”. That beer has fuelled most of the tunes here.*