The Heads - Vertigo Swill (Gloss Laminated Outer Sleeve) CARDINAL FUZZ 1 LEFT

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The Heads - Vertigo Swill (Gloss Laminated Outer Sleeve) CARDINAL FUZZ 1 LEFT

Presented in a Gloss Laminated Outer Sleeve. Full Pressing Heavy Black Vinyl.

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Cardinal Fuzz / Rooster are pleased to bring to you for your listening pleasure – The Heads ‘Vertigo Swill’. Previously available as a CDr release via The Heads own archives and compiled by Paul A. Allen from recordings The Heads made between 1994-2002 (rehearsal room, live and a remix). What we have here are is a maelstrom of Heads music that feels like the bastard child of that mix tape you made of long forgotten freaky Krautrock and 60s garage music, cut up and feed through a Chrome like blender. Over two heavy sides of vinyl be ready for a disorientating blast of these Heady Heads at play as Paul Allen runs his fingers down you spine to access your melting plastic brain as full on wah meltdowns segue into experimental tone generators all intercut with words of wisdom from H.O.Morgan & Simon Price. Not for the faint of heart.
500 Pressing. Heavy Black Vinyl. Gloss Laminated Outer Sleeve.
With thanks to Sam Giles on artwork.