The Cult Of Dom Keller - Ascend! (CARDINAL FUZZ) ORANGE SMOKE 1 LEFT

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The Cult Of Dom Keller - Ascend!  (CARDINAL FUZZ) ORANGE SMOKE 1 LEFT

600 Vinyl Pressing
175 x Solid Orange Vinyl (100 copies available here) SOLD OUT
425 x Mixed Colour Vinyl

250 Repressing 10th April 2020
150 x Orange Smoke (SOLD OUT)
100 x Random Colour

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Cardinal Fuzz and Little Cloud Records are ecstatic to bring forth the latest The Cult Of Dom Keller album ‘Ascend!’
The Cult Of Dom Keller formed in 2007 and in that time have released five albums, toured Europe and played many a headline slot on the festival circuit while all the time never compromising their sound. With ‘Ascend!’ The Cult Of Dom Keller have reached the apex of their post-apocalyptic, scalp sizzling sonic freak-out vision as they pull you down a visceral black hole that leaves ears ringing and heads reeling.
From the dystopian intro the door bursts open into ‘Hello Hanging Rope’ – a face melt of smog chocked bump and grind that throbs with a demonic menace and carries with it a swagger of Les Rallizes Denudes (think Flames Of Ice) – a total head trip. Tracks meld into each other as The Cult Of Dom Keller howl like a beast, bass and drums locked in and revved up, the keyboard wheezes and reels out wailing drones while guitars erupt with frantic head tripping fuzz a rama lama cyclonic riffs – It’s very heavy and very far-out.
Be sure to double up on your medication before sitting down and listening to ‘Ascend!’
For fans of Chrome, Les Rallizes Denudes, The Stooges, German Oak (it is that basement vibe)

Vinyl, CDr (Sam Giles Edition) and all digital platforms from January 17th
Artwork by Brett Savage
Ascend! Is a 600 Vinyl Pressing (175 x Solid Orange, 425 x Colour Marble Vinyl) and is presented in a 350gsm reverse card sleeve with full colour/size insert and download code.