TBWNIS - Shedding The Albatross (4xCDr edition - Space Ritual STYLE) Cardinal Fuzz SOLD OUT

Sold out
TBWNIS - Shedding The Albatross (4xCDr edition - Space Ritual STYLE) Cardinal Fuzz SOLD OUT

Sam Giles CDr Edition - 100 (though if there is more demand we will make more)
12 panel fold out sleeve in homage to the legendary brain fuck that is Space Ritual.
Mastering - Chris Hardman - Disc 1
Sleeve Design - Brett Savage

Recorded live on the 27th June 2020 to celebrate the closing down of the institute that was Birdman Sound Records in Ottawa. Presented here are 4 CDr discs. The first 2 disc are recordings of the 27th June Performance - A blazing soundboard as CDr1 and a raw from the floor recording comprises CDr2. CDr3 & 4 are a whole lot of unheard psych to the max jams from the basement of Birdman Sound Records that capture the essence of why The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol are so incredible.

From The Front Desk

The 2 “free jam” disks contain mainly improvs recorded during 2020’s unprecedented pandemic with a couple from late 2019, none ever released. All were Live off the floor to ZOOM. Only a few edits made by Bill Guerrero. There are zero overdubs, so it’s all what was, on given sessions. One disc is Jason’s capture of the room Live to Zoom and the other disc is the same Live set recorded by Wayne Coulis and his rig, combined with a simultaneous roving Zoom recording done by our buddy Ronnie Hong. These two versions were combined and mixed together meticulously by Wayne in his studio using pro tools. Again, nothing added to it, just simply “melded” 2 into 1. This particular version has been Mastered by Chris Hardman. All of us were on board for the June 27th Live set at Birdman Sound and the jamz discs may or may not feature all and that is of little consequence, as that is how TBWNIS have always rolled. Artwork and concept for “Shedding the Albatross” by Brett Savage and Dave Cambridge. Various photos by Andrew Carver and Ronnie Hong. Extra special LOVE and RESPECT to Hawkwind’s Stacia ! Major Love and thanks to all our devoted fans the world over. Special thanks to Wayne Coulis, Justin Considerate, Ronnie, Andrew. Undying Love and Gratitude to Dave C. and Brett who go beyond the call of duty (of course being members for life in good standing with TBWNIS, it’s expected you pitch in every so often! {:>)))) ). All Blessing to Cardinal Fuzz and You who are blasting this music…Be Well! - John Westhaver


Bill Guerrero - Guitar
Nathaniel Hurlow - Bass
Dave Reford - Guitar
Scott Thompson - Trumpet
Jason Vaughan – Audio Generator and Electronics
John Westhaver – Drums

This Space Ritual was recorded live at
Birdman Sound Records, Ottawa. 06.27.20 by
Pye Mobile Studio

Engineered by Wayne Coulis
Recorded & Mixed by Wayne Coulis
Mastered by Chris Hardman
Artwork by Brett Savage and Barney Bubbles
Photography – Ronnie Hong
Cosmic Coordination by Dave Cambridge

CDr1 (Wayne Mix – Mastered by Chris Hardman)
1 White Dwarf
2 Kolban
3 Faster Train
4 Irene’s Meadow
5 Gaussian Blur / Beach Debris
6 God II
7 Underworld
8 Black Dwarf

CDr2 (Jason M. Vaughan Recording (recorded on ZOOM H2N)
tracklisting as as CDr1

CDr 3
1 - October 2 2019 - J.Archer's Drift
2 - October 16 2019 - Navy Cut Blues
3 - February 5 2020 - Aquarian Rotation
4 - February 5 2020 - Shadow Knows

CDr 4
1 - May 27 2020 - Pecipicetic Narcissistic
2 - June 3 2020 - The Unveiling
3 - June 3 2020 - Morgan Jones Blues
4 - June 17 2020 - For Those Gone Before Us
5 - June 17 2020 - Cow Tipping On Mountain Road
6 - June 17 2020 - Watch For The Fuzz

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