Image of Sons Of Void - S/T (S.O.B) Cyan Vinyl 1 LEFT
  • Image of Sons Of Void - S/T (S.O.B) Cyan Vinyl 1 LEFT

Sons Of Void - S/T (S.O.B) Cyan Vinyl 1 LEFT

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“Sons Of The Void provides a welcome antidote to the crushing weight of drone and stoner-rock that constitutes so much of the psychedelic listening experience these days. By turns playful, inventive and melodic … sparkling arrangements pitched somewhere between latter-day Fabs and a slightly unhinged Byrds. … an impressive collection of tunes delivered with deftness of touch and more than a few neat hooks. We need more of this, really we do.”—Shindig! Magazine

Sons of the Void is the latest project from David Max, former bassist/songwriter with Hoboken/NYC psych rockers Tadpoles. Following his tenure with Tadpoles, David emigrated to Switzerland and began a 5-year stint as guitarist/songwriter in Genesis P-Orridge’s psych-futurist collective Psychic TV. David has also worked along side many pioneers of drone, dream and psych over the years, including Sonic Boom and Gibby Haynes. After meeting Nick Nobody, David struck out on his own with ‘Simple Psychedelic Pleasures.’ A band was assembled to tour ‘SSP,’ and shortly after a new crop of songs began to take shape. After establishing their own studio, Logical Magic Recordings in Basel, David and Nick took those songs to the next logical step: the debut album of Sons of the Void.

Release date: March 4, 2016. 8 tracks. Cyan vinyl, heavyweight color insert, download included, edition of 250. Available at Download only at

Sunrise Ocean Bender is distributed by Cobraside in North America, Clear Spot overseas

“…an epic, aural experience that blends – almost deliriously so – dream soundscapes, field recordings, psychedelic obscurities and off-kilter pop. … This is a masterwork by musicians for, in many ways, musicians – or, at least, music lovers unafraid of headphone worthy acts. As a whole, It’s well worth the solitary experience and close listen.”—The Active Listener

“…an album that has its own distinctive sonic sound, one that takes a little while to tune into. When you do however you discover a gem of an album that will get regular airtime.”—The Terrascope

“Bright and vivacious … “Kolliderscope,” which opens with what sounds like a stadium live band getting ready to rawwwwwwwwwwk, before turning into the sort of backwards-band experiment that the Beatles liked to play with, might be the key cut, but the whole album grips the turntable like you’ll never want to remove it. And it wouldn’t let you if you did.”—Goldmine Magazine

“The album cover, the description, the name of the band … everything on this band seems to be related to psychedelia.…psychedelic music that every fan of the style should get their ears on.”—Oblique Musique

“There is a beautiful calmness surrounding every track on this release that's intensely melancholic, brilliantly overpowering and deeply infectious. Sons Of The Void expertly push the experimental sonic envelope but somehow manage to stay within the realms of the psych purist. If you have to listen to one album today, it should be this! Recommended listening!”—The Sound of Confusion

“ … gentle ascending chord progressions, pretty arpeggios, well thought out textures and gentle melodies delivered via soft, knowingly buried vocals. It’s a sugary pill that’s tempered with the occasional tangential heavy freakout and venture into sonics. Good to know that the search for the lost chord continues.”—Harmonic Distortion

“This is a truly exceptional set of songs, bursting with original, creative ideas, and transforming melodic pop into a mind expanding experience. … All the things I most love about music are expertly brought together in this one album. And if the superb music wasn’t enough, the entire package is a complete work of art … ”—Bliss/Aquamarine