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ML WAH - Deep Roots (Flower Room Records) 1 LEFT

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There are many sides of Matt Lajoie (solo, Cursillistas, Herbcraft, Ash & Herb, Starbirthed) but the ML WAH name is dedicated to a more devotional direction. Following 2011’s Ashram To The Stars, Herbcraft took a heavier tack, pulling more from Krautrock and the space spectrum, but Deep Roots is here as a spiritual successor to that album’s higher consciousness. There’s a deep body vibration to the album, shaking the chakras until the soul lights up like an ember. LaJoie’s hymns are covered in ash, ambling through the streets in search of solace, euphoria, or enlightenment. This is one for the late-night meditations, with the cool breeze blowing against the baked-in glow of warm firelight. If you’ve found purchase in LaJoie’s past works (no matter the output) then you’ll already be on board for this, but for the free jazz congregation and the psych temple travelers, here lies an album that brings together the fold for a blissful bout of devotional thrum. Recommended for some deep listening." - Andy French, Raven Sings the Blues review of Deep Roots


"Matt LaJoie (from Maine), working under various monikers (Herbcraft, Cursillistas, etc) since the mid-2000s, is a musical visionary, and one of the most prolific artists making music in the psychedelic genre. His latest album Deep Roots is a joyful, blissful continuation of his musical journey—a singular, psychedelic reverie." - Buck Curran, Textura 2019 Artist Picks


Following up four cassette sides of minimalist longform durational meditations for limited instrumentation (trumpet and trombone on "Big Air"; bowed 10-string guitar and voice on "The Divine Interval") the vinyl debut of Matt LaJoie's devotionally minded solo alias ML Wah enters the multi-tracked "full band improvising live" sound that was once a signature approach for the multi-instrumentalist. But as last fall's self-split with Herbcraft released on Crash Symbols ("No Slack") hinted, where once he sipped inspiration from the stream of the Planet Earth Rock & Roll Orchestra, LaJoie's direction with ML Wah (and more than ever on Deep Roots) is drawn closer to the cosmic-within as explored by the boundaryless spiritual jazz of ensembles like Don Cherry's Organic Music Society, the ever-expanding sacred drone of the Theatre of Eternal Music, and the naturally psychedelic roots reggae of Ras Michael's Dadawah and Sons & Daughters of Negus.

For a musician known primarily as a guitarist (as on January's "The Center and The Fringe" solo guitar LP), here the focus on rhythm, breath, movement, and trance is birthed from a fresh palette of instrumentation. Dense with hand percussion textures, double basslines, melodica, trumpet, and tack piano, the largely-instrumental collection invites the listener on a caravan course of abstracted inner-and-outer geography. LaJoie's approach--building up each track via layered first-take improvisations on a variety of instruments--lends the recordings an atmosphere of "live in the room" jams amongst a freewheeling collective, resulting in one of the most unique offerings in his vast discography. Even as this "automatic composition" method is familiar to any who has bent an ear in Flower Room's direction over the past couple years, Deep Roots discovers a higher harmony with the Self as creator in the ever-unfolding Now: an invitation to open to an experience of ultimate reality beyond time and space.

outside of Time
All return Home;
until that Day
I offer my Song
-ML Wah


All songs composed, improvised, performed, and recorded by ML Wah, July 2017 - March 2019 at Mt. Misery (NH) and Green Lodge (ME). Mixed and mastered at Green Lodge 2018-2019 by Matt LaJoie.

Cover illustration by Ash Brooks. Lettering & layout by Matt LaJoie.

In dedication to Dave Noyes and all the seekers, seers, sages, and guides that inspired this recording.
all rights reserved