Halo Noose - Magical Flight (Acid Test) UBER LTD - 1 LEFT

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Halo Noose - Magical Flight (Acid Test) UBER LTD -  1 LEFT

3rd FEB
10th March

Coming at you via
Acid Test - Europe
Echodelic - North America
Ramble Records - Australia

Acid Test (UK), Echodelic (USA) and Ramble Records (Australia) have teamed up to bring you – Halo Noose – Magical Flight - total heady candy trip indulgence for your expanded mind. if you're a true believer in the mind-expanding properties of Psychedelia then please treat your soul to Halo Noose, who quite clearly worship at the altar of all that is psychedelic and far-out.

Throughout the album you are treated to pulsating melodic structures with guitars fizzing on clouds of fuzz, phase shift as searing liquid wah-wah solos stream through the songs that simply seem to have been dropped through a wormhole in time from the UFO Club in 67. Stuart Moorish (for he is Halo Noose) voice is shrouded in a syrupy phaser effect (or is it being run through a Leslie speaker?) as he intones as if stoned immaculate a few psychedelic scenarios seemingly composed under the influence of Owsley. Throughout there is an exploratory feel, the doing it and be damned sense of liberation is all apparent , as “Magical Flight” offers a self-fulfilling prophesy of its title - Expanded minds, light, sight, colours, it is a real paean to the hallucinogenic experience. For fans off – Hawkwind, Sundial, (((LOOP))) and all that is psychedelic and far out.


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