Acid Rooster - Ad Astra (BLACK Vinyl Edition - Locked Groove) CARDINAL FUZZ - 1 LEFT

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Acid Rooster - Ad Astra (BLACK Vinyl Edition - Locked Groove) CARDINAL FUZZ - 1 LEFT

600 Pressing - All editions with LOCKED GROOVE on SIDE B
300 - Galaxy Blue/Pink Vinyl
300 - Black Vinyl


Acid Rooster were described by ‘Le Guess Who Festival’ as a ‘wet dream for heads who cram their record collection with Amon Düül, Spacemen 3, Wooden Shjips, Tangerine Dream’ – a statement we wholeheartedly endorse.

Ad Astra was recorded live in July 2020 in a private garden with a field recorder in front of a small audience of friends during the lockdown in the middle of the corona pandemic. The two long jams were the opening and the closing track of a completely improvised concert and are a spontaneous snapshot of Acid Roosters approach to free floating consciousness expanding psychedelic music.
So 2 tracks and 46 minutes of Acid Rooster digging deep into the well of far-out psychedelic rock that is one mind-expanding journey to the inner-most limits of your mind.

Zu den Sternen was the intro and is a slow-burn trip where you ride wave upon wave of ecstatic highs until you eventually you hit the peak in freak out territory as Acid Rooster merge with the cosmos and then ride the golden afterglow home into an eternal locked groove.

Phasenschieber rides that afterglow of galactic intensity – a place where you can just let go as the music created drifts and pulses away. It is a Beautiful, hypnotic, spaced out, blissful state where Acid Rooster take you beyond the Astral Planes.
Released by Cardinal Fuzz (UK), Sunhair Music (EU) and Little Cloud Records (US) in an edition of 600 (300 x Galaxy and 300 x Black)

Artwork by our beloved Chris Kröber.


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