Image of ZONE SIX - S/T (Green Vinyl) Restock - 5 Left

ZONE SIX - S/T (Green Vinyl) Restock - 5 Left


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Zone Six got founded in august 1997, which is a funny story: Dave (also known as Sula Bassana) got a concert request for Liquid Visions; but for this band it was not able to play the show. So Dave had the idea to form a new band just for this – Zone Six. The idea behind was to play long tranceful spacerock improvisations.
Dave formed the band out of Hans-Peter (guitarplayer of Liquid Visions) on guitar, Claus (who was playing the drums in Liquid Visions shortly before) on drums and himself on bass. The tracks were recorded, in the rehearsal room of the companioned band The Butlers, within one night on 8-track compact tapes. The 3-4 following days, Dave mixed and produced the sessions and recorded some overdubs and interludes in his little home-recording-studio, and after that, all the material got jointed and this album was born.
Of this material, there was a mega-small tape-edition, which was made for the first show in the beginning of september 1997.
1998, the music got supplemented by vocals and released as the today known debut album via Ealry Birds records, only on CD. Sold out since many years.
The native version without the vocals, which was not really released before (except those very few self-released tapes in 1997), is now released via Sulatron Records, according to the band’s 20 years anniversary, as CD and VINYL (manufactured in Germany).
Lim. to 500 copies on 180 grams green wax!
The wild mixture of psychedelic rock, electronica and dub made it o many positive reviews back then and is still fascinating in it’s natural and “no-make-up-manner”.
The cover was designed of a painting made by the austrian artist Franz Landl, which reflects the mood of the music perfectly.
Hans-Peter Ringholz: Guitar, fx (ex Liquid Visions)
Claus Bühler: Drums (ex Liquid Visions and many more...)
Dave Schmidt: Bass, fx, Synthesizer, Soundscapes (Sula Bassana. Electric Moon, Krautzone, ex Liquid Visions, ex Weltraumstaunen...)