Image of Our Solar System (Vart Solsystem) - Varldsliga Bekymmer (1 Left)

Our Solar System (Vart Solsystem) - Varldsliga Bekymmer (1 Left)

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This is spiritual space rock with a pagan, ritualistic feel to it!” Daniel Ekeroth, author of Swedish Death Metal. The sounds seemingly made of space travelling Bedouins teaming up with a tribe of deep wood dunces come together on this bewitchingly ingratiating album from Swedish favourites Vårt Solsystem (also known as Our Solar System in other clusters of the galaxy). Since forming a few years ago, Vårt Solsystem have imposed themselves on the current psychedelic scene as well as developing a truly unique sound. Since matter and energy are equivalent (as expressed in Einstein's famous equation, E=MC2) scientists have been able to calculate that whatever dark energy is, it comprises about 68 percent of everything in the universe. Dark matter accounts for another 27 percent, leaving only five percent for protons, neutrons, electrons and photons. But don’t worry and play it safe. Play it loud! "Världsliga bekymmer" is released on vinyl by Kommun2/Svensk Psych Aften (home to Anders, The Movements, Hills, Älgarna från Värmland) and distributed worldwide by Sound Effect Records of Athens.