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Omega Ray -S/T (2 Left)


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Omega Ray (Ω-Ray), the new band of George Karanikolas (The Last Drive, Blackmail, BLML, Drobs): a blend of Acid-Rock, Folk & Greek poetry. Glorious anthems with a mesh of new Psych-Rock - a beast of their own creation.
During a retreat on the summer of 2015, with the backdrop of some remote Greek islands, Omega Ray morphed & subsequently blossomed into an organic unit. After this inspiring momentum & some several free-for-all jam sessions, back in the studio Karanikolas' songwriting skills were unveiled & carved a path of its own. All this based on their own eclectic vision & influences of early-Floyd, Amon Duul II, Sun Ra, Television and the Blues. Call it Mediterranean-Gospel, Sahara-Swamp or Sufi-Drone, Omega Ray's blend is a fascinating fusion & hard to pin down. A collaborative slab that bends Grunge & Trance inspired sounds. A ferocious mix of NYC Avant-Rock style, late-'60s Acid bliss with some crunchy guitars, a Kraut Rock styled extremism and earthbound mysticism that ensures the listener experience a gnarled magma force they probably have never encountered before! The remaining band members are: Stefanos Flotsios (The Last Drive, Screaming Fly), Mono Kaktos (KRAAK) and Kostas Loukopoulos (Screaming Fly).